Financial Counseling Service

From time to time I look (usually in vain) for financial counseling services to refer my clients to. Some of them are very expensive, others require ALL credit cards to be cut up, and others you wonder how much they are working for the credit industry versus the consumer. All in all, not an inspiring situation.

I have a friend who used to do excellent quality financial counseling as a senior manager with a financial counseling firm in Frederick, MD for many years before he moved to London. Before that he was an investigator and collections expert for a law firm, so he knows what’s he’s doing. He now works for Myvesta — a financial service company that helps people get back on their feet and otherwise manage difficult financial situations.

I just found out that he still does financial counseling in the United States via Myvesta’s service at There is a requested donation for the service, but it is voluntary and you can donate whatever you can afford.

He says “Once I am notified they have signed up, I will email them for details of how and when to phone them and their circumstance, we schedule a time to speak and the counseling is done via the phone, in most instances in 1 call with some email follow-up.”

This makes it sound like he’s the one counselor, but if you try this I’d specifically ask for Jon Emge to make sure you get him.

If you try Myvesta’s financial counseling service, please write me back and let me know what you think of their service.

I know this sounds like a paid commerical endorsement — it’s not. I’m just happy to have what looks to be a good referral option for clients in financial difficulty.