Hypnos Painting in Progress

I’ve been steadily working on my hypnosis skillset over the past few years, although I mainly use it for age regression, guided meditations, and establishment of resource states at this point.  I’ve also trained in NLP.  It finally dawned on me that maybe I should, oh I don’t know, do something PAGAN and thank Hypnos for helping me master this skillset!  Anyway, I’ve asked Brian MacGregor — the really great artist who did my logo — to work on a painting of Hypnos.  His website of finished work can be found here.

I’ve attached below a very, very rough color sketch of what he is starting to work on.  I’m excited.  I’m also busy gathering notes about Hypnos and writing down any dreams so I can have them incorporated in the background and add some of my energy to the work.

Hypnos Rough Sketch

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