Baltimore Open Spirit Circle

Hi All — A bit off the topic of Pagan counseling, but I’m excited about a new monthly fire circle that has started up in Baltimore.  Besides just being a fun (and spiritual) event, I’ve seen some clients who seem to be able to use the energy and movement at these events to help work through their emotional issues.  So there’s a bit of a counseling tie-in.  Mainly — just want to get the word out for Baltimore!

The next events are on Saturday, March 27 and April 24th at the Whole Gallery, 405 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD at 7pm.  There is information about parking and carpooling through the organizers or their FaceBook page also.  See below.


Open Spirit Circle Announcement:

Open Spirit Circle is a family friendly event open to all spiritual paths. Creating a sacred safe space to express ourselves through art, music, movement and silence. We drum, dance, chant, trance, sing, meditate, and manage to collectively and collaboratively find a harmony that lifts our spirits together.

We would like to encourage full group participation. Please bring your chants, poems, art ideas or any other short participatory things you feel called to share with the group.

Our events are designed so that everyone can contribute in many different ways. Feel free to join us for set-up and or take down.

If you are moved to bring sacred items to share for the night or to donate to the ongoing of events, we will be happy to accept them if brought in during set up time.
Items that we could use are tapestries, crystals, feathers, sea shells, and candles (7 day and glass enclosed preferred)

We set up a food area for nourishing ourselves during the event. Healthy easy finger foods are much appreciated. (grapes, carrots, nuts, chips, pretzels)
Be sure to bring a water bottle. We will have a 5 gallon dispenser for water.

Some art supplies will be provided for the art table and we welcome more being donated.

Each event we ask for a donation to help keep the event going monthly. We will not turn anyone away for lack of money. Your time, service, or donation of other items is also valuable to us. Suggested donation is from $3 to $10.00.

For more info contact

Ayla 410-388-1514 or Tanith 571-527-8039!/group.php?gid=264026526623&ref=ts

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