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This is a blog that has several purposes and I think we are all going to find that they sort of evolve and morph over time. Nonetheless, here we go:

  • To let Pagans of all sorts (Wiccan, Asatru, BTW, generic Neo-Pagan, Druid, etc.) know that there ARE therapists and counselors who get them and can handle the idea of worshipping the Goddess (or whatever Power) without recommending medication increases,
  • To help therapists who are well-meaning but have no idea what a Pagan is to start to understand,
  • To get some feedback on what Pagan therapy clients are needing from therapists and counselors that they are not getting today,
  • To try out my evolving ideas on what Pagan “pastoral counseling” or spiritual counseling might look like,
  • To share existing resources,
  • To serve as a writing outlet for my thoughts as I grow my therapy practice in a secular and Christian-dominated world, &
  • To bridge the gap between religions and religious versus secular worldviews so we can all try to get along or at least better tolerate each other.

What this blog is NOT:

  • A place to publically post therapy questions. This is where I add Pagan-related articles as I think of them, NOT where I monitor 24/7 for emergency crisis messages I must respond to.
  • Nothing posted on this blog shall be construed as constituting a therapist/client relationship nor is there an expectation that therapeutic services will be rendered.  Please call 911 or go through regular channels for psychological help. (I do moderate a list of Pagan therapists worldwide — given lots of advance notice I can sometimes find local Pagan therapists for people. Email me privately.)
  • A place to fight over religious preferences. If you are not Pagan, you are very welcome here, but please don’t try to convert readers to a religious faith we are not.

I look forward to evolving a resource library and a collection of articles that will help the community.