About Me

I have a masters degree in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. I also hold a post-masters degree in Spiritual and Existential Counseling from Johns Hopkins which consists of a four course curriculum in spiritual counseling, existential counseling, spirituality across cultures, and Asian meditation therapies. I have continuing education credits in spiritual mentoring, interfaith work, and death and dying issues from Cherry Hill Seminary. 

I have been active in the Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC Pagan community. I’ve been a member of BTW and Wiccan covens. Some of the conferences I’ve presented at include the Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance Beltaine Festival, Free Spirit Gathering, Pagan Pride Day events, Sacred Space Conference, and the Pagan Leadership Conference in Richmond, VA.

I hold an LCPC license (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) in Maryland.

I think that’s enough “I” statements for one page!